Wednesday, February 8, 2012

~God's Grace~

Today has been a long and eventful day for me.
Lots of unpleasant event.
I was tired due to the night shift on monday.
Prayed this morning before work.
Asking for His grace and wisdom to help me go through this day.
With lots of issues that need to be settled at work, I was grateful for the soul He sent for me.
Comforting me and guiding me through.
Thank you Father Lord.
For loving me unconditionally.
I know where i can lean on when i am weary and tired.
Just wanna give You all my praise, Father Lord.
Thank you for your grace and mercy. ^_^

Monday, November 2, 2009



Saturday, September 5, 2009

~41 Months~

you reminded me in 20 minutes time
it's our anniversary
asking me how many months is it
41 months is my answer
smart girl is what i heard from you
suddenly i am so touched
you are the one who always remembered
sweet is what i can think of
to describe how i feel right now
thanks for being my best friend all this while
everytime when i was being unreasonable
you just listened to me quietly
comforting me and giving me your advise
there was one time when i said something so hurtful
though you were angry
you still cooked my lunch for me
your actions said it all
you forgiven me and continued to love me unconditionally
without even me apologizing
when i need a shoulder to cry on
you are there for me always
when i need your opinion while shopping
no matter where were you
you will meet me up in the shop and give me your precious opinion
thanks for listening to all my stories and tolerating me
giving me your full support
and loving me always

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


It was a long weekend and breaks (yippie!) in Glasgow finally after the continous 9-5 everyday of lectures and labs! Was wandering on how to spend this 4 days holidays..
1. River Festival - Boats, ships, free shuttle bus, river...
2. Loch Lomond - tradisional scottish highland games + beautiful scenary
3. Edinburgh - CASTLES + ROSLYN CHAPEL (knew this place through Dan Brown)
These 3 choices sounds equally attractive to me but still a desicion is yet to be made. Why cant's they just happen in different times where i can participate in all of them? i knew it was impossible, just... Finally, a call from L finally made up my mind. The attractive Roslyn Chapel.. a place with history, a place known to be filled with amazing arts, a place where the holy grail is claimed to be...
First thing to do when i woke up ~ prepared the egg buttered and chicken roll sanwhiches + ginger ale for lunch and rushing off to the train station to catch up with the train at 8.00 a.m.

It was so sweet of V Co by helping us to take this group photo after being rejected by the help of a guard in the train station.

Just cant stop camwhoring around the city when we reached after 45 minutes of journey.. the scenary on the way was amazing.. green grass + blue sky.

Finding way through the castle by walking towards the building that we saw from far..

Despite the heavy downpour when we were to embark on the expedition around the castle which we have paid 12 pounds for, it did not dampen our spirits of exploring nor the others. The queue for ticket to entry was long,tourist can be seen from around the world. Held with an umbrealla, bearing with the strong cold wind and rain, we visited..

Rosslyn Chapel was our next stop. I was kind of worried when we didnt manage to catch up with the bus as it will be closed at 5 p.m. With numerous attempts of asking and running around the city, we finally found the bus with the number 15.. Really glad that we could make it at last..

Tired, hungry.. we headed back to Edingburgh city. Heard from friends that Mussel Inn served delicious and fresh mussels with free flowing bread.. Tempted by the food shown in the menu outside of the restaurant and eager for the rest that we need after a long walk, we headed into this place with much expectations.. The waiter was nice to offer a place for us in this crowded little restaurant. This is the first time i ever tasted a mussel cooked in this way.. Butter was thick with the crispy hot baguette, dipping in the sos with white wine.... Delicious...

It was a wonderful experience and company... Thanks Kelvin, Lydia, Fiona, Yi Lyn and V Co for the good time in Edinburgh...

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

~hari raya bazaar~

It's the first week of sem 4 break which were weeks ago from now. I went back to my paradise after a really stressful exam which i wish i will not repeat it some point in my life. It happened to be the festive seasons where in Kedah, there would be lots of bazaars setting up just to sell the food for our malay friends to enjoy their open feast after such a long fast for the whole day. I was lucky this year to have this opportunity to attend one as there are really lots of nice and cheap food offered in these bazaars. Thinking of the nutritious dadih, crispy karipap, colourful and attractive kuihs, wonderful combinations of roti jala and the chicken curry kuah, special laksam which i didnt find it somewhere else except Kedah, moist chocolate cakes, freshly baked banana cakes, malay popiahs, jelly.... I just love being a malaysian! Get to try all these amazing food. Here are some pictures of it which i have taken when i visited one which is just opposite my house.

~Nasi Ulam~

~The Price~

~The Material inside Popiah~

~Nasi Beriyani~

~Fresh Kurma~

~The other type of Fresh Kurma~

~Material inside Asam Laksa~

~Laksa Kedah~


~Ubi Keledek for the skin with sambal udang inside~

~Roti John~

~Fried Noodles and Beehoon~

~An Assortment of Kuih Nyonya~

~Crispy Karipap~

~Mango Ulam~

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

~first day of work~

it was on the 21 of july 2007. xuan's birthday. i work for the first time in my life and get paid.... i was very excited the day before and can even smile in my dreams. i was suppossed to be there at 7.45 a.m. which was kind if early. need to depart from sri petaling lrt station around 7.oo a.m. after bathing and put on decent clothing, i was satisfied with my outfit that day. of course have to dress like a professional since i will be acting like those scary inivigilators in the test. haha. used to be scrared of those invigilators who were walking around like nobody's business during the exams. now that i am going to be one, i have to have that kind of expression in my face. serious yet scary. evil me. ^_^ after all the rush and fuss, luckily, i was there just on time, although might be a bit, don't get it wrong just a little bit late. under the supervision of my mentor on that day, miss angela, i carried out my duty on that day quite smoothly with some mistakes in between though. Checking the candidates ic or passport for foreigners was not really an easy job. i was really nervous as there was a long queue behind. perspirations were forming though it was still very early in the morning with the cooling weather and all. With the help and guidance of miss angela, every problems that arise is nothing to her.... i really admired her efficiency in work. calm and steady throughout the whole process. strict enough during work to stop some of the candidates who were trying to rush in to the exams hall without being checked. i was taught lots of techniques to carry out the duty more effeciently. ^_^ Finally, when the clock struck twelve o two, it was the end of my task. yupee!!! after collecting the last writing paper and making sure that the number of papers were correct, i was done for the day... i was so relieved. a sense of satisfaction was creeping into my mind. it was hectic throughout the whole process as there were really lots of tasks to be done. however, i love it! i love these hectic sections. ^_^ hopefully, next month i will get more opportunity to do this again, undeniable, part of it is because of the pay too. haha. stomach was really gumbling after that. being so close to the famous klcc, kelvin and i headed towards it to have a great lunch... yummy yummy... ^_^

waiting for lrt in the morning in sri petaling station

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

~touching songs~

after watching the series, i am so touched by all the scenes.... family is always the most important thing in this world. No matter what happen outside, no matter how wrong are you, no matter how miserable are you, there is always a place that will welcome you... shower you with unconditional love... the warmest place in the world ^_^ i am glad that i have a family that will support me no matter what happen... love my dad, my mum and my sis so much...